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The China Challenge tells you exactly how good you are at exporting to China, with a resulting score and advice for how to improve.

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About the Challenge

Test yourself against real-world situations faced by real exporters and see how much you know! At the end of the challenge, you will receive a quantifiable and easy-to-understand result that tells you exactly how ready you are to succeed in China.

China Challenge

Score highly on The China Challenge and receive access to valuable business tools, including contacts for Chinese importers and distributors. Boost your sales in the world's largest market!

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About Mr. Han

Meet Mr. Han. Your company's future in China might depend on him. Mr. Han has been in the F&B product business for more than ten years, and works with dozens of brands. He knows each product himself, and understands the potential for European products in China through his travels in Europe. He manages various sub-channels and sub-distributors across China, and understands Chinese consumers and their tastes better than they do.

The China Challenge is all about impressing him with your preparation and knowledge of China, and eventually winning an order from his company that will get your product on Chinese shelves. Can you do it?

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Based on real-life practices and successful business cases


Real China knowledge distilled into a quiz


Immediate results and personalized analysis


Get instant feedback on your performance and a detailed breakdown of what you got right and where you can do better. Learn immediately where your China strengths are, and how to improve on your weaknesses, with our customized results dashboard.


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